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Requirements and Procedure

Applicants seeking admission for the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Business Management and Bachelor of Computer Applications degree courses  must fulfill the following requirements

Its purpose is


1 : All admissions are provisional & subject to approval by the University of Mysore.
2 : Applicants seeking admission completed Higher Secondary Education or any equivalent Examination (example: PUC, ISC, CBSE)
3 : 20 copies of recent passport size color photographs.
4 : Original Marks card of the qualifying examination along with an attested copy.
5 : Transfer Certificate from the institution last attended.
6 : Conduct certificate from the institution last attended.
7 : Admission of candidates is made on the basis of marks obtained by them in the qualifying examination.
8 : Admissions are made on the condition that students will abide by the rules and regulations of the collage.
9 : Students become eligible for  writing exams only if they have 75% attendance in every subject).
10 : The Principal reserves the right of admission.
11 : Three photo copies of Income certificate/Caste certificate duly attested by a Gazetted Officer (Original certificates shall be produced at the time of admission), if applicable.
12 : Parents (Guardians if parents are not alive) accompanying the students is mandatory at the time of admission.
Overseas and Non-Karnataka Students
1 : Candidates from foreign countries seeking admission to I, II and III Degree programs are required to produce Eligibility Certificate issued by the University of Mysore, besides valid students visa and passport.
2 : Candidates from other States seeking admission to I, II and III Degree programs are required to produce Migration Certificate from the Board /University where they studied last and Eligibility Certificate issued by the University of Mysore.
Fee Structure
1 : Meritorious students securing admission to the college will be eligible for fee concession.
2 : Tuition Fee for Degree will be collected in two installments or two semester installments respectively.
3 : For details of fee structure, contact Admission Office: 0821-2972047,9845817641
Transportation and Canteen facilities available for Day Scholars

For details, contact Admission Office: 0821-2972047, 9845817641


The admission process has to be complete within the stipulated schedules. For details, contact Admission Office: 0821-2972047,9845817641

Scholarships and Endowments

For details, contact Admission Office: 0821-2972047, 9845817641

Code of Conduct

Attendance and Leave Of Absence

1 : Attendance will be marked at the onset of each class. Attendance may be given or refused to late-comers at the discretion of the respective lecturer
2 : Leave may be granted to a student for an individual period by the concerned lecturer. Application for leave for more than a period, a day or more than a day must be made to the Principal in the prescribed form by 9 a.m. If the absence is due to an unforeseen cause, the application should be submitted as early as possible but not beyond the first day of the students attendance.
3 : Absence, without prior permission, from assignments, class activities, practical work, seminars and presentations will be reported by respective teachers to the Principal. Leave of absence from a internal assessment should be obtained from the Principal.
4 : Should a student absent himself for a period exceeding four college days, with leave or without leave, should on his return to the college, report to the Principal.
5 : If a student absents himself without grant of leave for more than ten consecutive days will have his name removed from the rolls and he may be re-admitted at the discretion of the Principal.
6 : Application for leave must be countersigned by the students guardian and recommended by the concerned lecturer/the H.O.D. and is to be submitted to the Principal. For hostel students, the wardens endorsement will suffice.


1 : Below are the guidelines that help the students to conduct themselves politely with the highest standards of conduct.
2 : Every student shall behave himself in the college and the hostel in a dignified and courteous manner and should be respectful to the teachers.
3 : Consumption of narcotic drugs, tobacco, alcohol, etc., is strictly prohibited.
4 : Students are prohibited from anti-institutional, anti-social, immoral provocations and activities.
5 : Students shall not disfigure/damage any college property. If done so, students will have to pay the damages besides facing disciplinary action.
6 : Unauthorized entry of outsiders into the campus as well as the hostel, without prior permission of the concerned authorities, is strictly prohibited.
7 : Students cannot carry or circulate any notice, pamphlet, leaflet, etc., within the campus or the hostel.
8 : Students are not permitted to organize or participate in any kind of politically based activity.
9 : No student shall borrow or lend money by request or influence on the campus or in the hostel without the permission of the Principal or the Warden as the case may be.
10 : No student shall initiate or instigate strike or any form of agitation on the campus or in the hostel.
11 : Any student who is found to exert undue influence on fellow students will be strictly dealt with.
12 : Disciplinary action will be taken against the student/s who enter or leave the classroom during the session.
13 : The college permits restricted use of the mobile phone in the campus. Students cannot use the phone in the classrooms, library, computer lab, dinning hall, auditorium, etc. Misuse of the mobile phone will invite disciplinary measures. Misuse of the college IT facility will entail fine.
14 : Students can lodge their complaints, if any, first to the Department Head, and can also be escalated to the Principal, who may refer the matter to the Students Redressal Cell.
15 : Any instance of criminal activity or disturbance of law and order will be reported to the police and the police shall will take the necessary action against the offenders. Such students will face suspension and entry into the campus will be permitted at the discretion of the Principal.
16 : Students who are charged in criminal offense or are under suspension will not be allowed to enter the college campus without the permission of the principal.
17 : Every student should take utmost interest to hygienically maintain the campus. Litter must be deposited in waste bins.
18 : Students are expected to be properly dressed. Transparent and inappropriate clothes are to be avoided. Lady students should care for womanly dignity and moderation in their dress and general behavior.
19 : Should a student be found consistently insubordinate, deliberately mischievous at any front or be found to negatively influence the fellow students, shall be removed temporarily or permanently depending on the gravity of the offense and what the concerned authorities deem fit.
20 : Students should rise from their seats as a teacher enters the classroom and greet the teacher appropriately, and then sit down when told to do so; rise again and say Thank you, Sir/Madam when the teacher leaves the classroom.
21 : Students have to greet their teachers when they meet them. It is rude behaviour to enter a room without being asked to, not to say Thank you in appropriate occasions, to get past a person at a narrow passage without saying sorry or Excuse me.
22 : Students are expected to spend their free hours in the Library/Reading Room. They should not loiter on the corridors or crowd at the entrances.
23 : Ragging is strictly prohibited, and violators will be heavily dealt with.
24 : In the application form for admission, an undertaking shall be given by the student and the parent agreeing to comply with the terms and conditions of the code of conduct.
Student Rights and Responsibilities


1 : To be respected by fellow students and staff.
2 : To pursue the studies in a calm and uninterrupted atmosphere.
3 : To be free of harassment and discrimination.
4 : To have access to attendance and internal assessment marks.
5 : To get a general feedback about him from the records.


1 : To be punctual and regular to all classes.
2 : To respect fellow students and staff and management personnel.
3 : To borrow and return books from library and to comply with the library formalities.
4 : To behave in a becoming, accountable and responsible manner.
5 : To respect the deadlines religiously.
6 : To report to the concerned authorities any issue or instance on the campus or hostel, that is detrimental to the students or institution.
7 : To protect the college property.
8 : To comply with the pecuniary actions by the college.
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