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The Centre for Experiential and Service Learning (CESL) takes education out of the classroom scenario and incorporates practice-based learning. The philosophy of CESL includes :

  • Supervised and supportive on-site learning experience in communities
  • Analysis of the knowledge from on-site learning
  • Promoting creativity and innovation to address real-world issues
  • Ongoing employability enhancement with specialized skill sets and mindset
  • Equipping the students’ minds with initiatives for extended learning
  • Providing avenues for breakthroughs beyond the academic concepts


  • Vanitha. S. D (Assistant Professor)
  • Dr. Vineeth Sahadevan (Assistant Professor)

Periodic workshops aimed at personal development of the students are conducted. Here students realise their potential and are enabled to reach this potential through timely followup individual coaching and mentoring.


The college organizes talks and seminars by renowned motivational speaker, trainers and coaches. These assist students to inculcate the conviction of character, discipline and integrity that in turn enables them to acquire a clear vision of their future, personally and professionally.

Soft Skills Program

Besides a certificate course in Soft Skills, students are also privileged to participate in enhancement of special skills like communication skills, presentation skills, interpersonal skills, time management skills, etc.

Student Coaching and Life Coaching

It is of utmost priority to the college that all of its faculty members are adept in life coaching and student coaching, through periodical training sessions. Every student has the freedom to choose any of the faculty as his mentor whom he can meet any time to discuss, evaluate and strategize his growth from the standpoint of every aspect: interpersonal and intrapersonal, intellectual and emotional, academic and spiritual, etc.

Holistic Wellness

Students are encouraged to maintain body, mind, and soul healthy. The college emphasizes on the significance of sports and games, yoga and meditation and the personal religious practices. Food and nutrition are taken care of delicately.

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