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Code of Conduct

In the College

  1. The official language of the campus is English.
  2. Students should have to maintain 75 percent class attendance for each subject in order to appear for university examinations.
  3. Attendance for latecomers to class will be at the discretion of the teacher.
  4. Students are responsible for the safety of their goods.
  5. Any damage done to the property of the campus by any student is to be made good by full payment to cover the loss with an additional fine plus other disciplinary actions as determined by the management.
  6. Students are required to respect teachers. Use of physical force and/or foul language against teachers and other employees of the college are strictly forbidden. Such actions can effect in the dismissal of the students from the college.
  7. Respect the belongings of others. Stealing from students or the college will cause in suspension or dismissal from the college.
  8. In order to promote healthy and value-based education, the use of drugs, alcohol or any intoxicant or tobacco are strictly prohibited on the campus, the hostel and outside the campus. Violation of this rule can effect in suspension or dismissal from the college.
  9. Ragging or any physical violence is strictly prohibited on the campus and the local police department will be notified in case of violation. The enforcement of this rule is based on the recommendations of the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the Supreme Court of India.
  10. If a student is dismissed from the college, he/she is automatically dismissed from the hostel as well. In case of suspension, attendance will be marked as absent.
  11. Students and their parents or guardians are not allowed to give gifts to teachers and other employees of the college.
  12. Students are not allowed to collect money or organize picnic or any other event without the written permission of the Principal.
  13. Dress Code: Students are required to wear decent and moderate dress on the campus. Men should wear pants and shirts during the formal class hours and in the college block. Proper uniform is a must on specified days, with ID cards. Impropriety in appearance will be considered as indiscipline.
  14. In order to promote a healthy and suitable environment of study, the use of mobile phones is restricted on the campus. Students should not use mobile phones in the college block, library, and dining hall; violation of this will attract hefty fines; college authorities will not entertain any explanation. College authorities will not be responsible for any personal damage or problem caused by the use of phone.
  15. Boarding students are to obtain written permission and signature of the warden/principal for the exit and entry to the campus.
  16. Students will have to return all the library books or pay for the lost books every semester. Any unpaid amount will cause delay in the issuing of transfer certificate from the college.
  17. Students are expected to respect the allotted days or deadlines, the violation of which will attract fines or any other disciplinary action as the management deems fit.
  18. All Catholic students are mandated to attend the Holy Mass at least on Sundays at the campus chapel.
  19. To promote harmony and to provide secure environment for education, the college prohibits students from violence, groupism and any kind of clashes. Campus politics is not allowed in De Paul College, Mysore.
  20. Boarders are not allowed to permit friends or relatives to enter into their rooms without the permission of the College Principal or the Warden. Students are not allowed to interact with outsiders (including parents) without explicit permission from the Principal/the warden.
  21. College students are not allowed to entertain the school students in their room, share any property/articles with them, and instigate them for any unlawful actions or behavior.
  22. College students are not allowed to mingle with school students or visit their dormitories without the permission of the respective college and school wardens.
  23. Students have to greet other students and all the members of the college and school community appropriately.
  24. Any student found to be/suspected to be speaking/doing anything individually or collectively against the reputation/smooth functioning of the college or college staff will be suspended for an appropriate period as decided by the management or will be dismissed from the college.
  25. Permission to go out/home should be sought in writing one day prior to the day of exit, not on the day of exit.
  26. Students are expected to participate in/cooperate with all activities of the college. Absenting will be viewed by the college authority very seriously.
  27. Students are expected to be in the place where they are supposed to be as per the college schedule.
  28. Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances. Delay in payment of fees will attract fine besides not issuing the hall ticket for exams and TC.
  29. The students understand that college authorities will assume that students have taken permission from their parents/guardians to go for in-campus and off-campus programs/NSS/NCC/any other activities organized by the college. Further and specific permission will not be sought from the parents. It is the responsibility of the student/s.
  30. Violation of any code of conduct as mentioned above explicitly or implicitly will attract disciplinary action. In any case, the decision of the Management will be final.

In the Hostel

  1. Students are expected to respect the rules of the hostel as published in the hostel from time to time.
  2. There are separate timetables in the hostel for working days and holidays.
  3. Students should obey the wardens instructions in letter and spirit.
  4. During college hours on working days, students need permission to enter the hostel or be there in the hostel.
  5. Students should keep their room hygienic, neat and tidy. Littering in the rooms or hostel premises will not be allowed.
  6. Study hours are for studying and not for preparation for study or any group discussion or moving around.
  7. Students are expected to be in their respective study stations during the study hours.
  8. Use of mobiles during the study hours is strictly prohibited.
  9. Students should protect and maintain the hostel property, any damage caused should be compensated by the students.
  10. Every student should see that he/she doesnt cause any disturbance to other students.
  11. Students are not allowed to enter other students rooms.
  12. Visitors or day boarders are not allowed in the hostel.
  13. Students shall refrain from any act, covert or overt, that may destroy or disturb the peace and harmony among the students and on the campus.
  14. No student shall take the law into her/his own hands. If a student finds any undesirable activity or causing any inconvenience or physical injury to him or to the other students, he should lodge a complaint in writing with the warden concerned.
  15. Hostel inmates who are found guilty of misconduct or guilty of infringement of any of the rules prescribed above shall be liable to fine, suspension, rustication or dismissal either from the hostels and/or from the college or both by the appropriate authority.
  16. Accommodation in the hostel cannot be claimed as a matter of right. Students who disturb peace and violate the rules of the hostels on the campus will be expelled from the hostels.
  17. The consumption or storage or supply of liquor or any sort of intoxicant or tobacco is strictly prohibited and if found guilty, the offenders will be dealt with severely, including dismissal, prosecution, etc. Any kind of gambling is also prohibited.
  18. A hostel student will be completely responsible for all his/her possessions including his/her money/laptop/computer/electronic gadgets, etc. The institute/hostel will not be responsible for any loss incurred.
  19. No one should use the belongings of other students without their consent.
  20. Boarders will be personally and collectively responsible for any loss/damage to the properties and equipment and other fittings in the common halls. In case of damage to any buildings, furniture, apparatus or other property of the college, the loss caused to the institution shall be recovered directly from those identified persons whenever possible. But, if persons who cause the damage are unknown, the cost of repairing it, as may be assessed by the hostel authorities, will be distributed equally among all the students of such groups or associations as may be found responsible.
  21. They should lock their rooms properly when they go out. Each room-mate must keep a key of his/her room.
  22. Fans and lights must be switched off when the students leave their rooms. Light must be switched off when they go to bed. In case it is noticed that fans/lights are on in a locked room, a heavy penalty will be imposed for wasting the costly energy sources.
  23. Playing loud music, videos, etc., inside the rooms is strictly prohibited as it causes disturbance to the inmates. Any such complaint against boarders will be viewed very seriously and seizure of the gadgets will be made along with imposition of heavy fine.
  24. Any grievance should be communicated first to the hostel warden.
  25. The room of any student in the hostel can be inspected at any time by the Warden or any authorized member of the institutes staff or police officials. Inmates are advised to keep their ID cards with them and show them on demand.
  26. Inmates should not play cricket, football, etc., inside or in front of hostels. It causes damage to the hostel property, but also disturbs the peace of the surroundings. Heavy penalty will be imposed and will be collected from all students involved.
  27. Female visitors and girl students are not permitted to visit the boys hostel any time and vice versa.

Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.

In the Dining Hall

  1. The students are expected to maintain proper decorum in the dining hall.
  2. Students are expected to be in the dining hall at stipulated timings violation of which will end up in denial of entry to the dining hall.
  3. Student are expected to stand at their respective positions at the respective tables for prayer till which time they are not supposed speak or make any noise.
  4. Students should not start eating before the prayer is over.
  5. Students should stand at their respective positions at the respective tables for prayer after food.
  6. Students are not allowed to leave the dining hall before the prayer is over, without prior permission.
  7. Students are expected to maintain high standards of table manners.
  8. Wastage of food is strictly prohibited; if any student found to leave the food in his/ her plate, shall be seriously dealt with.
  9. In no case, a student can enter the kitchen either to collect food or to communicate any grievances regarding food with kitchen staff. Such grievances should be addressed to the warden.
  10. Students should not carry any books or bags to the dining hall. Students should not carry anything, e.g., food items, utensils, etc., from the dining hall.
  11. Students should not take any outsiders to the dining hall.
  12. Students are expected to respect and obey the kitchen/dining hall staff.
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