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About Vincentian Society

The Vincentian Society (VS) was established in the year 1833 by the Southern Province of the Congregation of the Mission with an aim to render service in the field of quality education with a secular outlook. Over the years, Vincentian Society has been achieving this aim through its various educational institutions in South India.

The society has been able to touch lives and transform them into noticeable and responsible global citizens besides many progressive and developmental activities initiated by it in the field of education with its dedicated service both in the rural and urban areas of India. The alumni of the various educational institutions have upheld Vincentian values while being in their own roles in different capacities to serve the communities in different parts of the world.

The society is now led by the Provincial Superior of the South Province of the Congregation of the Mission, Rev. Fr. Tomichan Mattathiveliyil, CM.


Our mission is to cater to the intellectual, moral, spiritual, human and emotional formation of our students by inculcating and promoting a sound system of quality and relevant education oriented towards character formation, spiritual transformation, and national integration and nation building which at the same time serves as a tool for the socio-cultural and economic development of persons, communities and of the nation as a whole.


As disciples of Christ, the Evangelizer of the poor, who proclaimed the Kingdom of God and made its values of justice, peace and love a reality in the lives of the poor, we, the Vincentians envisage through our educational endeavors a transformed society of enlightened individuals living in an ambiance of peace, harmony and mutual respect, irrespective of caste, creed, color and region.


  1. To provide quality and relevant education to the best of our ability.
  2. To inculcate in the minds or our students the moral and spiritual values of Christian faith, Vincentian spirituality and the high ideals of our own national heritage and culture.
  3. To nurture in the young minds a sense of true patriotism, individual responsibility and responsible awareness regarding one’s Rights and Duties.


  • To provide maximum opportunities to all the children where our educational institutions are established irrespective of their social, economical and religious background.
  • To facilitate the education of socially and economically backward children through providing concessions, scholarship and free education whenever required.
  • To impart faith catholic children and value education to all.
  • To nature love and respect towards other religions, cultures and languages and to instill in the minds of our students the same towards the elderly, the poor and the marginalized of the society.
  • To help in the character formation of our students by giving them a proper self-image of themselves, a sense of respect for the rights of others, while making them conscious of their own rights and duties.
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