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Science & Technology

One of the basic need of Human beings is technology. Today, Humans can’t live a life without Mobile phones and computers.The main reason for this is Upgrade in Technology and science. Today, Science and technology has become very advanced. In last 40 Year’s, Earth has totally changed.If we start to talk about Science and Technology then approximately 10 to 15 days will required for talking about science and technology. Science and technology is very important in today’s life, and because of Science and the help of technology the human culture and the earth is developing as fast as possible.Nothing is harmful from Science and Technology if we use it in a good purpose. And, if we use the science and technology in the bad purpose, then it can be very harmful to us.

Science and Technology has totally changed the life of human beings from the last 30 years. Because of Science and Technology, today humans are developing very rapidly and because of this, Earth is at this position and well developed.

Millions of technological gadgets are available in today’s market. And, this gadgets are machines, electronic things and various kinds of mobile phones and laptops and various kind of system software and computers and various types of games.

Various types of scientific researches are going on science and technological. And, because of which scientist are trying to upgrade our Technology.Advances in Science Science and Technology has made the humans life very advanced. And, today humans are very happy because of a upgraded Technologies.If there is a thing of development of a country or development of a city or a development of specific field, then the development needs Technology. Development in Science and technology is very important to our futuristic world.And because of futuristic Technologies and Science the humans can stay their life properly and because of which there might be not a problem in the future to leave a people on the earth

We can say that technology, science and development are equally proportional to each other. Development of the science and technology depends on the analysis of technologies and scientific fields.There are so many examples of advancements and development in Science and Technology. Here are some Best examples: Virtual Reality, Metro cities, Upgraded smartphones, Super computer’s, Highly Facilitied watches, Faster internet in cities and towns.

Today, India is also very highly educated and technological country in all over the world. And, the main reason for this is the science and technology development all over the world.There are so many space agencies and space research companies and organisations in the world who are trying to make our world most technological and more advanced.

Abhishek Harish

4 th Sem B.Com

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