The Journey Of Life

The Journey of Life

Life is like a journey, starting from the womb and ending at a tomb. The route and destination is already fixed. We just need to travel. There are many phases in this journey. Every stage has its own speed breakers as well as green signals. The road we chose for the journey is also important. One with many hurdles has a less chance of having a lead to your destination. So, be careful while choosing your road. Don’t turn away seeing the thorns in your path. The long stem of thorns leads you to a beautiful rose. Even though life is like a fresh diary, it is up to us to write it and fill it. Every day is like a fresh page in that diary. Try to fill it with happiness and if there are any sorrows, make it disappear in the very next page of your life. The grand finale of your life depends on how you try to pass all different rounds in that competition of your life. You may face danger zones, but try to overcome such zones by giving your best performance. Make others feel happy for you. But while making them happy, first try to be happy yourself. Always follow your heart. Do whatever you want today, because tomorrow you might not get a chance for the same. Life is like a journey, no one knows what is going to happen tomorrow. So just enjoy every moment and live your life to the fullest.

Jenitha Joshy

4 th Sem B.Com

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