Webinar on COVID19: Shift towards Digital Media in Higher

Rev. Dr. Baiju Antony CM; the Principal of De Paul College was one of the panelists of the webinar on the topic COVID19: Shift towards Digital Media in Higher Education in Karnataka on 7 th May 2021 at 3:00pm organized by Collegedunia. He advocated the importance of blended learning in molding a better citizen and also pointed out the demerits of the increased digitalization of the education sector. He also emphasized that education sector requires a balance between traditional and digital approaches towards learning. Around 600 participants attended the webinar and eight Assistant Professors from De Paul College also participated in the event. The agenda of the webinar included a case study of a top Karnataka college and its success with digital media, in order to elaborate on the need of digitalization in Higher Education. In the Panel Session, the five Panelists discussed on how the pandemic has disrupted the traditional education sector, the fast technological changes and digital adoption by schools, colleges, and universities and the shift from seminars and conferences to webinars and WhatsApp sessions which are a paradigm shift in the way institutions conduct outreach activities. The Panelists represented pioneering Higher Education Institutions in Karnataka who shared their experience and insights on the topic.

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