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Health @ De Paul First Grade College

The well-being of students comes first at De Paul — including the need for a safe and secure environment. Just as in their classes, De Paul students are in good hands when it comes to health support services. Our approach to wellness reflects and encompasses every dimension of students’ lives. At De Paul, this takes many forms. It’s the academic mentoring and guidance we offer for every student, working to tailor their learning to match their personal abilities, desires and goals. It’s the emphasis we place on physical fitness, encouraging all members of our community to lead active and healthy lifestyles. It’s the attention we give to diet and eating habits, sports and Fitness studio. De Paul offers our students, faculty, and staff members a variety of options on campus to maintain a healthy lifestyle by getting in a workout, indoor and outdoor games or swimming a few laps in the pool. Educating the whole person includes caring for every student’s well-being. As a community, we are committed to ensuring that everyone at De Paul feels healthy and happy — not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Physical fitness and emotional well-being often go hand in hand. Sleep and healthy eating can help sharpen your mind before a big exam, while working out can help burn off some of that excess stress. We encourage all our students to maintain active, healthy lifestyles that support their success.


Our home is a safe and comfortable place to spend Three years you’ll cherish for a lifetime. De Paul is committed to ensuring a safe and secure community, where students, faculty and staff may experience academic, professional and personal success. To achieve this goal, the Management provides a comprehensive program of police, security, crime prevention, fire safety, emergency medical, parking and related public safety services. To further meet this objective, the Department of Public Safety works toward the establishment of a partnership with students, staff and faculty in the development of crime prevention, security assessment, response and education. This partnership is the foundation of maintaining an environment which encourages mutual respect, caring and safety for the campus community.