De Paul First Grade College Mysore




Follows the vision of fellowship through service


Follows the vision of fellowship through service


Focuses on self-development and fellowship through service.


Ensures the objective of knowledge and skills

Strategies of the Club

  • To focus on the development of young adults as leaders in their communities and workplaces
  • To encourage and develop social responsibilities and right attitudes among the students
  • To inculcate service values among the young generation
  • Faculty ConvenersSadia & Pallavi
    PresidentGagan (III Year)
    Vice- PresidentMokshith (III Year)
    SecretaryAmala (III Year)
    Joint Secretary Ronya (III Year)
    TreasurerYukthi (III Year)
    EditorArnold (III Year)
    Club Service DirectorHrithik ( III Year)
    Sergeant At Arms Swathi ( I year)
    International Service Director Bhoomika ( III Year)
    Community Service DirectorSneha (II Year)
    Vocational Service DirectorJenita (III Year)
    Public Relation OfficerKruthika (II Year)