De Paul First Grade College Mysore

De Paul Approach

A De Paul education is marked by a shared commitment to academic excellence, critical inquiry and reflection, and engagement with questions of meaning and value.


B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) | B.B.A(Bachelor of Business Administration) | B.C.A (Bachelor of Computer Application) | B.A (Bachelor Of Arts) with different combinations.

Engaged Learning

Engaged learning means enriching classroom discussion with real-world experiences, and then bringing that classroom experience out into the world to be tested, strengthened and enhanced by the students. The learning experience is interactive.


Coaching Programs and Certification Courses are provided

Academic Calendar

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Study Abroad

While students feel at home in Mysore, they’re also hungry for opportunities to expand their horizons. Virtually every De Paul student who participates in one of our immersive study abroad experiences learns an essential lesson: Living and learning in a different culture is truly life-changing.


Internships are one of the best ways for students to learn whether a career is truly right for them. They also provide a great résumé boost and set the stage for life after De Paul.

Outcomes After De Paul

De Paul students leave our halls prepared to think critically and creatively, synthesize knowledge across disciplines, communicate effectively, and act with respect to cultural and global contexts. Our alumni serve as leaders of their field, tackling complex challenges with skill .

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