Logistics and supply chain management


De Paul College offers a Certificate Course in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in collaboration with Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) Institute of Logistics, Chennai. This three semester certificate programme prepares students for one of the most sought after Specializations necessary for the industry today.

Globalization across industries has led to tremendous growth in trade, and goods need to be procured, stored, and dispatched in a streamlined manner, thereby leading to increased dependency on logistics and supply chain. With the Government of India introducing GST, industrial reforms, relaxing foreign direct investment (FDI) rules, and increasing spending in logistics businesses, a spur in the segment is seen, and the market has gained momentum better than ever.The impact that technology has had on business in the last decade was the strongest of all times. We all are surrounded by technology in one way or the other. From smartphones to laptops to virtual assistants to social media, we have been deeply indulged in the blessings that technology has bestowed upon us. But somewhere down the line, technology has overpowered our mind and besides providing us with comfort, it has entered into the world of jobs as well. The job roles present today were non-existent 10 years back. The impact of technology on jobs has been tremendous and thus, it has called for digital evolution as well. Today we will discuss two of those parameters i.e. Digital Marketing and Business Analytics and figure out which one is a better career choice.

Module 1: Logistics & SCM
  1. Logistics Concepts and Planning
  2. Global Supply Chain Management
  3. Trade Route and Shipping Overview (Shipping)
  4. Warehouse and and its Operations-An Overview
  5. E-procurement
  6. Cold Chain Logistics
Module 2: Contemporary IT Technologies; Logistics and SC
  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Block Chain
  3. Data Science
  4. Analytics
  5. Supply Chain Automation
  6. Supply Chain 4.0
Session Pattern
  1. Lecture-Case Study Analysis
  2. Assignment
  3. Assessments
  4. Examinations
  5. Recorded Sessions

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