Arts and Cultural Club

Arts and Cultural Club

Arts and Cultural Club of De Paul provides a platform to promote a vibrant campus experience through organizing innumerable activities pertaining to the performing arts and cultural activities, bringing people from all walks, interests, and ethnicity in ways that stimulate lifelong learning, and community interaction.


Create, innovate and showcase


To create a culturally driven ambience for students to enhance their aesthetic sensibility.


To open up various avenues of cultural activities.

To enhance personal skills and experiences.


  • To learn from one another and share their prowess in different aspects of culture and art.
  • To inculcate skills like confidence; self-presentation; teamwork and collaboration; time management and organizational skills; self-awareness; self-discipline; open mindedness to move beyond boundaries and experiment with different ideas; communication skills; the ability to cope with criticism and learn from them resulting in a whole new developed, changed and an improved person.