De Paul College Alumni Association


To engage with and support the De Paul College Community for it’s institutional advancement.


The De Paul Alumni Association fosters a sense of the life long spirit of belongingness to the Alma mater  and nostalgic appreciation in connecting with alumni, students, faculties and management of the De Paul College. The Alumni association advocates for the college and it’s alumni with a credible, independent and collaborative voice.

Aims and Objectives

In achieving the above mission, Alumni Association will focus on the following Aims & Objectives:

  • To promote and foster mutually beneficial interaction between the Alumni and the present students of De Paul College and among the Alumni themselves.
  • To encourage the formation of chapters as a means to increase participation of Alumni.
  • To facilitate the Alumni to plan and execute projects for the welfare of the Alma mater.
  • To mobilize the human and financial resources towards the materialization of finalized projects of the Alumni association.
  • To facilitate the active participation of Alumni to be proactive stakeholders in the progressive innovative initiatives of Alma mater towards academic excellence with a strong social commitment.
  • To establish scholarships and mobilize the required fund for assisting deserving and meritorious students.
  • To institute awards for outstanding performance of students in academic and cocurricular activities and recognize the outstanding social and community service by the alumni and the students.
  • To organize civic or charitable activities to increase public awareness of the role of technology in the economic and social development of the nation.
  • To maximize the advantages of technological revolution like the internet or artificial intelligence in the achieving the aim and objectives of the alumni association.
  • To arrange periodical alumni gatherings and social/cultural functions.
  • To raise various endowment funds and award stipends for meritorious and deserving student on need-cum-merit basis.
  • To establish a link with the De Paul Alumni and enroll them as members.

Core Values

The Alumni Association is committed to excellence in all it’s activities and is dedicated to the following core values:

  •   Loyalty – Committing to further the excellence of the institution and welfare of the Alumni.
  • Integrity – Promoting transparency and ethical behavior in all of our interactions..
  • Diversity – Appreciating differences and seeking alternative perspectives and inclusiveness in all that we do.
  • Innovation – Striving to be an industrious leader in alumni relations through a creative a transformational business model.
  • Continuous Improvement – Perceiving excellence through agility and responsiveness to stakeholders and the environment.
Faculty Coordinator Dr. Mamtha Sathynarayana
Joshy P J
Alumni General Coordinators Mr. Antony Mahji
Mrs. Madhuri Priyanka S.
Alumni Class Coordinators Mr. Jubel Thomas (2015-16)
Mr. Poonnacha K B (2016-2017)
Mrs. Priyanka Bolliyanda (2017-18)
Ms. Ann Jerry Periera (2018-19)
Mr. Thammaiah B R ( 2019-20)

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