De Paul College Alumni Association


To create a world-class organization by bringing together all the alumni of De Paul College Mysore.


To facilitate professional networking among the alumni for mutual benefit in academic, professional, and/or business areas.

To facilitate and encourage alumni to contribute to the institution’s efforts for achieving excellence in academics and research through allocating / raising funds and/or sharing knowledge and expertise of its members in areas pertaining to academics, infrastructure, industry interactions and any other area that the alumni and the institution feel appropriate.

To offer expertise and/ or financial resources to assist not-for-profit organizations dedicated to social service, and thereby contribute to the well-being of society.



In achieving the above mission, Alumni Association will focus on the following objectives:

  • To enable professional networking among alumni, alumni with the college and alumni with the existing students for mutual benefit in academic, professional and/or business areas; including employment for new graduates or alumni looking for career upgrade/change, and alumni displaced from workforce.
  • To provide a platform for social interactions among the alumni.
  • To raise fund for the Institution.
  • To extend academic support to the institute as visiting faculty, support in curriculum development and distance learning, and creating endowment fund.
  • To render assistance to students of the institution through grants, scholarships and prizes and to provide assistance through placement or any support as appropriate.
  • To provide financial and technical support for the college for academic and industrial research.
  • To provide financial and technical collaboration for alumni researchers in top research institutions around the world.
  • To encourage and facilitate the alumni to take up activities those are geared to improve society at large and contribute to national development.
  • To provide group benefits like health services, health insurance, medical services etc., to the members of the college and alumni.
  • To support alumni and their families whenever needed.
  • To mobilize funds required to manage the affairs and activities of the Alumni Association.
Faculty Coordinator Dr. Mamtha Sathynarayana
Joshy P J
Alumni General Coordinators Mr. Antony Mahji
Mrs. Madhuri Priyanka S.
Alumni Class Coordinators Mr. Jubel Thomas (2015-16)
Mr. Poonnacha K B (2016-2017)
Mrs. Priyanka Bolliyanda (2017-18)
Ms. Ann Jerry Periera (2018-19)
Mr. Thammaiah B R ( 2019-20)