Centres for Career Development


The Centre for Career Development (CCD) is established with the view to build the career path and support the career goals of our students. The director and the staff of the CCD focus on :

  • Supervised and supportive on-site learning experience in communities
  • Analysis of the knowledge from on-site learning
  • Promoting creativity and innovation to address real-world issues
  • Ongoing employability enhancement with specialized skill sets and mindset
  • Equipping the students minds with initiatives for extended learning
  • Providing avenues for breakthroughs beyond the academic concepts


  • Joshy P J,
  • Albert Jeeson


As we live in an era of unprecedented plethora of opportunities, students are educated on such a world of opportunities through workshops. Students also get opportunity to attend workshops outside the campus at national level. Students are enabled to identify the most suitable careers for them and are mentored to achieve them single mindedly.


Many seminars by experts from a variety of careers are conducted which create awareness about the practicalities of those careers and inculcate and develop in students a liking and appreciation for particular careers.


Students enjoy the privilege of interacting with key personnel of both manufacturing and service industries as well as reputed business and banking organizations. This gives them hand-on experience narrowing the gap between theory and practice.


De Paul College establishes great rapport with a number of medium and large sized business organizations that readily accept our students in internships, and thus respective students learn to experience now what they will be in future.


De Paul College realises that need of the hour for India Inc is to generate entrepreneurship acumen in the mindset of students. Students who aspire to be successful entrepreneurs confidently know, by the time they leave the campus, the what, the why, and the how of the business they want to establish and grow.


A mentor is the right person who can accompany you towards the successful achievement of your goal. Every student is guided by a career coach. The student is regularly reminded of his career goals and the action plans, and is constantly encouraged to persist until he achieves the goal.


The college endeavors to assist the students to be employed in prestigious production and service organisations. It is always a priority for us to maintain a memorandum of understanding with the prospective employers.