Equal Opportunity Cell

Equal Opportunity Cell

Discrimination against any person on the grounds of disability and minority and social status is a gross violation of the universally accepted principle of equality. De Paul College strongly upholds the principle of equality and human rights.


Promoting equal and inclusive growth by encompassing everyone into the mainstream of society.


To provide equal opportunity to students from the marginalized sections of the society for holistic education.


  • To enhance the diversity among the students and the teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • To create a socially congenial atmosphere for academic interaction and healthy interpersonal relationships among the students coming from various social backgrounds.
  • To make efforts to sensitize the academic community regarding the problems associated with social exclusion as well as aspirations of the marginalized communities.
  • To disseminate the information related to schemes and programmes for the welfare of the socially weaker sections.


Adheena Babu

Asst. Professor