De Paul College offers students coaching for Aviation certification in collaboration with Speedlinks Aviation Academy, Bengaluru. Speedlinks in an ISO9001 certified, ACCET accredited institution with more than 40 years of experience at the heart of the Aviation industry. The experts in professional subject matter and knowledgeable of the industry standards prepares candidates for internationally recognized qualifications.

The aviation industry is gaining a lot of popularity these days. With the increase in the number of aviation companies, the demand for aviation professionals is on the rise. The short-term courses in aviation are a great choice for aspirants to learn valuable knowledge and skill in a short period of time.

Aviation industry covers a range of courses from cabin crew training to ground staff, to ticket management, to aviation training. Students through these courses can gain an insight into aviation industry and understand how it has become an indispensable part of human life. Aspirants planning to pursue their career in the aviation industry will be most likely to be privy to various thrilling and exciting opportunities for travelling around the world.

The coursework also provides students with sufficient knowledge and experience to start their own aviation academy and businesses.

Skills Required for Aviation Courses:

  • Most of the aviation courses required aspirants to have good communication skills along with customer services as the job requires them to interact with customers every day.
  • Candidates should also have sufficient information about airport security and first aid procedures to avoid panic and loss of lives during the case of emergency.
  • Some aviation jobs also require candidates to have adequate knowledge about front office operations and computer applications.
  • One of the skills that come in handy is organisational skills. Since the aviation industry is very vast, it is necessary to keep all the work updated and systematized.


  • Air Ticketing, Travel Management and Galileo
  • Air Cargo Management
  • Passenger Ground Service

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