De Paul First Grade College Mysore


To create a global higher education institution that empowers individuals with value-driven and practice-based knowledge and facilitates creating and facilitates creating a just and noble society.


To enlighten with knowledge and values, to empower with intellectual and practical skills, to facilitate for better careers, to enable individuals to empower society and fellow human beings.


  • To provide quality and relevant education to all.
  • To inculcate in the minds of our students the moral and spiritual values of  life  and the high ideals of our nation.
  • To nurture in the young minds a sense of true patriotism, individual responsibility and responsible awareness regarding one’s Rights and Duties.
  • Objectives

  • To provide maximum opportunities to all the children where our educational institutions are established irrespective of their social, economical and religious background.
  • To facilitate the education of socially and economically backward children through providing concessions, scholarship and free education whenever required.
  • To impart faith catholic children and value education to all.
  • To nature love and respect towards other religions, cultures and languages and to instill in the minds of our students the same towards the elderly, the poor and the marginalized of the society.
  • To help in the character formation of our students by giving them a proper self-image of themselves, a sense of respect for the rights of others, while making them conscious of their own rights and duties.