cyber security and ethical hacking

Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking

De Paul College offers a Certificate Programme in Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking. Cyber Security is the practice of defending computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks and data from malicious attacks. Ethical hacking is part of Cyber Security, which mainly deals with finding vulnerabilities in a system and solving them before any malicious or black-hat hacker exploits them. It is the process of testing and validating the system to discover the weaknesses present in it and inform the organization about all those weaknesses.

Phases of Cyber Security

There are mainly four different phases of Cyber Security as given below.

Identify : The process of identifying or understanding various Cyber Security risks on the system and data

Protect : Implementing appropriate protective measures to ensure the security of critical data

Detect : The process of detecting the occurrence of Cyber Security events

React : Taking appropriate actions for the detected Cyber Security incidents

Benefits of Ethical Hacking

  • Weak points of a system can be easily found and resolved by performing penetration testing.
  • One can implement solutions for vulnerabilities to prevent security breaches.
  • Ethical Hacking protects data from being stolen by ‘black-hat hackers.’
  • It helps protect networks with continuous assessments.

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