De Paul First Grade College Mysore

Campus Life

Breakthrough learning, entertaining activities, spirited events, Natural Campus and International facilities: Our campus crackles with excitement. Add in a profound sense of community, and you have a place you can enthusiastically call home.

The De Paul Experience

Being a De Paul student is about so much more than attending classes. For starters, it’s about dreams, challenges, setbacks, breakthroughs and kindred spirits. Find your place in this extraordinary community of thinkers and doers.

At Home @ De Paul

When you leave your hometown to attend De Paul, you’ll quickly discover a new home here on campus, and your circle of lifelong friends will widen. Whether you’re debating philosophy over a coffee at Big Bite ( Food Corner) or at the play grounds, our campus thrums with activity and abounds with opportunities to meet new people and try new things.


Boarding Facilities at De Paul is also one of its kind with all the facilities. It includes sharing and single accommodation with laundry facilities want to know more about our hostel just ask our students they will say the rest and will enlighten you


Our students never have to worry about what’s for dinner: On certain occasions, the dining team cooks up extra-special meals. Eating at De Paul is much like living at De Paul: it’s another activity that brings our entire community closer together.

Health, Wellness and Recreations

The well-being of students comes first at De Paul — including the need for a safe and secure environment. Just as in their classes, De Paul students are in good hands when it comes to health support services.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Nurturing a diverse and inclusive community where everyone feels equally at home is a fundamental part of teaching, learning and working at De Paul. In every aspect of our community, De Paul champions diversity, equity and inclusion.

Clubs And Associations

Whether you’re looking to lead, write, reflect, sing, or advocate for others, you’ve come to the right place. With a spectrum of more clubs and organizations, there are unlimited ways to develop personally and professionally — while also having the time of your life.


De Paulians have a duty to be honest in their academic and non-academic endeavors to maintain academic integrity. If there is any violation related to academic or non-academic issues, the Disciplinary action will be implemented as per the rules of the institution.